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Magín Blanco`s new album

Finishing the new Magín Blanco’s new album. This is one of the songs from his next album:

8 February, 2023
Chavellos’ first album

We recently made the first album of a group, Chavellos who have a song that fits perfectly with the works

8 February, 2023
Festivals 2022

Here is a summary of the festivals we have been working on in 2022. Among them Madcool, Festival de Ortigueira,

8 February, 2023
Diego Pacheco, new album

In his new album has collaborations like Jorge Pardo’s.

23 April, 2019
Our coming achievements

Here at Casa de Tolos we have just realised that talent has no boundaries and creativity gives way to new

5 September, 2015
Tolemias September

In September Tolemias always goes to the “Festival de la Luz“. This month we will do a brief review of the

31 August, 2015
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